Why the turning magnetic field gets you high

Did you ever wonder why children love to spin around and swing back and forth? It's not just because they like to get dizzy. Recent studies have proven that when a person makes turning or rocking movements, the central nervous system somehow detects the relative motion of the Earth's magnetic field, in which we are all immersed. This is a surprising result, because previous studies had shown that humans do not have a magnetic "compass" sense like that found in many other animals.

The Earth's magnetic field cannot be felt directly, but its effects build up when large angular movements are continued rhythmically for a few minutes. The most effective movement is continuous spinning from 0.5 to 2 turns per second, which of course will make a person very dizzy and mask the effects of the Earth's magnetic field. The Mind Orbit avoids this problem by moving the field, while the person remains stationary. Thus, there is no dizziness what-so-ever, and you can spin the device as long as you want.

The Mind Orbit mimics a natural phenomenon and is completely safe. The maximum field strength a foot from the device is less than the Earth's field, which we are exposed to every day as we move about. Enjoy the Mind Orbit - it's fun!